Will there be a Stock Edge Weather tile?

Mine is still working, which I was surprised by. Refreshing is definitely slower now because I used to have a webcore routine forcing it to update, but I am pretty shocked it’s still getting updates.

Good suggestion on the routine using clouds and time. Can connect that to a virtual switch and trigger when “dark” so can embed in routines without needing a ton of copies for each one. Stinks to have to do it for something that really should be built in, but not awful to do and should be about as good. I do feel like the weather tile might have accommodated for how close to sunset it actually gets dark.

Yes!! I think that is exactly what is happening with me. I forgot I must have built a webcore routine forcing the weather tiles to update more frequently… Which is now not running.

Any recos from the community on a good light sensor? The cheapest I can find is like $65CAD… Seems pricey for what it is.

I’ve given up looking for one so bought an outdoor Lux sensor

What did you end up getting? I’m finding the stock weather tile is still working, which I was surprised by post groovy, but maybe the axe has till yet to fall.

Me too. Settled on Philips hue, which is also a motion sensor.

Smart Lighting and Smart Weather Alert were mentioned as being exempted from the shutdown of Groovy. Smart Lighting has been replaced, perhaps Smart Weather has also?

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On my system “Severe Weather Alert” was automatically migrated to a Routine last week and the SmartApp disappeared from my system.

I know this because I kept getting alerts and wanted to turn it off but I could not find the SmartApp. So the next time the alert popped up I clicked on it and it brought up a routine which I was able to silence.

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