Will ST work in the Philippines?

I’ll be flying to NC, USA on June and I’ll be staying for 2 weeks. I’m planing to purchase US ST and several Z-Wave sensors and bring them back to the Philippines. I know that ST is 120V, while Philippines has 220v. I can take care of it by buying a voltage converter. But how about the frequencies? US Z-Wave uses 908.4 MHz. The local frequencies used are:

  1. GSM: 900 MHz and 1800 MHz
  2. UMTS: 2100 MHz and 850 MHz

Will it be ok? I’m not familiar with frequencies and stuff, hoping someone can enlighten me. Thank you.

You should probably buy a version that uses the correct Z-wave frequency. You never know what may be using that frequency. Cell phones are by far not the only things you have to worry about.

I haven’t been home for a loooong time but also consider your network connection…

hopefully it has improved a lot from when I was there… I was still using DIAL-UP when I was there… lol…

First you should check what the zwave frequency is in the Philippines and then decide on your hub.
The last thing you would want to do is buy a hub that uses an illegal frequency.
e.g. the US hub uses an illegal frequency if used in the UK.
I suggest you do your research.


Z WAVE FREQUENCY:868.40 MHz, 868.42 MHz, 869.85 MHz

STANDARD:FCC CFR47 Part 15.249
FREQUENCY:908.40 MHz, 916.00 MHz

interesting discussion here:

so this means the Philippines uses EU zwave frequency.

which now leads to this possible issue.

with how mostly things are imported from the U.S. and have not heard of any regulation violations as far as I know (i could be wrong though) i doubt it if you will have any issues.

but again as @bobbles said, research first.

I’ve had mine for a year now. Works just fine.

Hi. Are you from the Philippines? Is smartthings working for you?

Yup. It works just fine. I use it with an Echo, Hue lights, August lock and other smart home devices.

Hmm, smart bahay kubo… sounds like a new venture :smiley:

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That’s good to hear. Are you using the US version?

I’m planning to buy online and use with google home. It’s available in Lazada.

Hahaha true.

Yup. I’m using the US version.

Thank you, Khazkhaz.

Have you tried using generic smart switches with it?

Haven’t tried it. If it’s Zigbee I don’t think it would be a problem

It says zigbee on the description but uses the ewelink app.

Haven’t tried that specific one. Try adding it as a device on the app.

I wanted to try the OEM smart switches, but the ones I saw require a neutral wire, which my house doesn’t have.

The one I got needs neutral wire as well. Haven’t tested it yet though. House is still under construction.

I use smart bulbs instead coz I can’t use the smart switches. More expensive solution to lighting automation.