US vs EU SmartThings Version/Frequency

So I live in the Philippines, which has 220v 50/60hz.

I bought the US version SmartThings hub, due to lack of availability here.

Now I obviously need EU version light switches to automate that part of my house, will I be able to pair any of the 220v light switches (Z-Wave preferably) to the US version of the SmartThings hub or am I screwed?

If screwed, is the solution to add a EU SmartThings hub to run the lights on concurrently to the US hub setup I have? Or is there a better solution?

It may not be legal to operate USA zwave frequency devices there. Local zwave frequencies are assigned in part based on what frequencies local first responders use, to avoid any interference.

Fortunately, the frequency assigned to the Philippines is the same one as the frequency assigned to the EU. (But different than the one assigned to the US and Mexico.)

You should just get a new hub on the EU frequency. Then you will have a wide choice of 220V devices including light switches and everything will just be much simpler. :sunglasses:

FAQ: SmartThings international function


Thanks for the reply!