ST Zwave Frequency compatibility with UAE & Philliphines

Hello Team,

Good morning to all. Well, I am having question for you guys and searching right answer as I am totally confused. Today I am having Samsung SmartThings Hub 3 with me and I want to purchase few Z wave devices in order to configure with present ST device.

When I try to purchase the devices on Online or Store, they are asking few frequency questions . As far as I know, there are many types of Z wave frequencies depending on the country specific.

In fact, the configuration, which I am trying to implement in Philippines & UAE using present Samsung SmartThings Hub 3. The official frequency declared in UAE & Philippines set as “868.4 MHz, 869.85 MHz”

So my questions as follows:


  1. How to identify the present ST Hub 3, Z wave frequency?
  2. Does Samsung SmartHub 3 support, 868.4 MHz, 869.85 MHz" & “908.4 MHz, 916 MHz” frequencies? OR
  3. Each ST hub having only one specific frequency ? or
  4. When ST says, it support Z wave devices, would that mean, all the frequencies will support regardless of the country specification?

Could you please advice on this and really appreciated.

Each SmartThings hub supports one and only one zwave frequency. It is set at the time of manufacture and cannot be changed afterwards,p. Which one your specific hub supports depends on the hub’s model number. Every zwave end device must match the hub frequency exactly or they cannot communicate.

Saudi Arabia uses the same frequency as the EU (868.4 MHz ), so as long as you bought the hub model for the UK, you should be fine. If you bought the one for the US or South Korea, you should return it and get the UK model.

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Hello Robert,

Well, I brought the hub from UK and in the manual I saw that, Z-Wave frequency set as 868.400 MHZ, 868.420 MHZ and 869.850 MHZ. That mean, it is supporting in United Arab Emirates and Philippines and that was good. Now I know, which range of frequency devices , should I buy and thanks for the advise.

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