Will current sensors work with gen 2 hub?


If I were to buy 3-4 things now (water sensor, motion) will they also work with the gen 2 hub…whenever it comes out? I’m slowly realizing that I will spend much more sensors than the hub itself so if I buy now, I won’t feel bad upgrading to gen 2 knowing that I can keep all my sensors.

Thanks very much, everyone!


I don’t work for ST but my understanding is yes, zigbee and z-wave devices will still be supported. I’d be leaving if not.


If I would buy Z-Wave devices, I would go for Z-Wave Plus certified devices.

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Yep :smile:

Also, yep :slight_smile:

On zwave vs zwave plus…

They will be backwards compatible.

Zwave plus will offer better range, higher security, better battery life, and the ability to perform OTA (over the air) firmware upgrades if the controller supports it. Also smaller chips, so smaller devices.

Zwave may well be noticeably cheaper for awhile as retailers offload existing inventory.

So it will be an individual budget decision on each device purchase.

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I heard that 500 series chips are actually cheaper.

I heard the same

For longterm manufacturing, yes.

In the short-term, many retailers have marked down the older generation to offload existing inventory.

So it’s just a case by case decision.

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Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who replied. Awesome community! Looking forward to becoming a part of it!

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