Will gen 1 sensors work without wifi on Hub 2.0


I’d like to get started building my Smartthings system but am partially waiting for the Hub 2.0 mostly for its ability to work if the wifi goes down.

Im not too familiar with zigbee, so i am wondering if the sensors that are currently available will be able to communicate with the next gen hub if the wifi goes down.

Thank you!

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Yes. The current sensors don’t use WiFi at all.

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Hmm… well neither hub v1 or v2 (from rumors) use or support wifi, they both require a ethernet cable to communicate to the internet. Both hubs are reported to support zwave and zigbee to communicate to\from devices from the hub so yes if you have a v1 hub and you chose to buy a v2 hub all your devices should still work. I have heard rumors that a migration tool is being developed to make that upgrade smooth like butter ;). Until the v2 hub is officially released we won’t know what the actual capabilities of it will be and there is still no official release date either. Sit tight and be patient and if you just can’t wait for the smartthings goodness, kits are on sale.

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What time frame?

This is a difficult problem.

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If memory serves, the time frame was one or two months after release of the new hub. They talked about it on one of the Dev calls.

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Call me pessimistic or realistic, but I’ll take odds it will be quite a bit later, unfortunately.

But I want to be proven wrong.

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We all do.

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Thank you! I think I will go ahead and get one of those bundles for my apartment. Internet connection isn’t a major issue but I wanted to confirm this issue was only related to the hub.


I would put my $$$$ on the Q4 of this year. Hoping for my Birthday!

Here is my repost of the Hub 2.0 Specs which I jotted down during the Dev Call:

Hub v1
-light carnal
-no OS
-pic 32 processor

Hub v2

  • 1 Gigahertz processor
    -Linux OS
    -500mb RAM
    -hub core (manage radio) talks to app engine
    -device type handler talks locally to (app engine) when possible
    -app engine (local processing off apps)
    -is only a manager making holistic decisions
    -4gig of flash mem (Smart Things apps, device types. etc.,) Local Storage – “Not on Day 1”
    -External storage at later date
    -Scheduler is in the V2 hub. (ex: sunrise/sunset.)
    -The Dashboard will work locally in the future. (Not on release date.)

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Until the specs are officially announced its purely speculation and vaporware as things can and will change.

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A related question would be “Will my old Hub 1.0’s be able to work as extensions to a new Hub 2.0?”

(The range of each hub seems insufficient for my place for the variety of sensor/switch types I have all over the house and outside.)

I’d imagine this would require a firmware update to the original Hub enabling it to be switched to using the Hub 2.0 as a gateway for all needs rather than always going back to Samsung/Smartthing’s up-in-the-cloud server, and might require some way for it to hunt for and find the Hub 2.0 on the house LAN or have the IP# of the Hub 2.0 entered via the smartphone app or something.

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I have read rumors that this is being worked on, but until it’s announced there is no way to know for sure.