Hub v1 Sensor compatibility?

Hi, so I have a hub v1 that I purchased back in '13 but couldn’t do much with at the time. I’ve now finally got the time and place to get everything going and I’m having some issues.

All of the first gen sensors I have and am using (multi and motion) are working fine, and I’ve added a few things including GE Z-wave light switches and a Z-wave deadbolt. However, I can’t get the latest generation of motion sensors to work at all. I returned the one and the second one was exactly the same. I can’t get them to show up at all when pairing, and I’ve tried resetting the sensor it multiple times, restarting the router etc.

Is the hub v1 compatible with the newest sensors, or do I need a new hub? The hub is on firmware version 13.13, which I believe is the latest.