Will a Fibaro dimmer work with 12v halogens

Hey all, I’m looking at getting Fibaro FGD-212 Universal Dimmer to smarten up my bathroom lights.

I think I’m correct in saying I need the dimmer because my neutral line is in the ceiling.

I’m wondering as the lights in question are 12V halogen bulbs on a transformer, whether them potentially being dimmed will cause any issues and damage the lights or transformer?

When all else fails, read the manual. :wink:

Supported Loads:
230V operated conventional incandescent and halogen light sources
• 12V operated ElV halogen lamps and dimmable lED bulbs (with electronic transformers)
• 12V operated MlV halogen lamps (with ferromagnetic transformers)
• dimmable lED bulbs
• dimmable compact uorescent CFl tube lamps
• supported dimmable light sources (power factor > 0.5) with minimal power of 5VA using FIBARO Bypass 2 (depending on the type of load)

Ah thanks.

Though it can drive them. May it cause any damage?

The switch is on the mains side as it runs stuff like the fan. Though I have no idea if it’s dimmable.

Could I edit it in SmartThings to stop it being able to dim?