Wiki Page showing best Smarthings compatible devices?

You’re not going to get a “best” because different people have different needs and priorities and budgets.

There are two resources that might be helpful.

First the following forum FAQ: which both describes some of the most important features of different device classes (and the reasons why one person might choose a particular model over another) and has links to discussion threads about various device comparisons. (This is a clickable link.)

Second is the community – created wiki. We’ve long hoped that enough community members would contribute that it would become exactly what you have described, with a page for each device with information about it. However, while a lot of people read it, it could still use a lot more contributions. But take a look, you may find some of the things you’re interested in there.

One section which is particularly popular is the quick browse lists. These will enable you to very quickly find all the forum threads in this forum on specific topics, including device type handlers by device class, project reports on mailbox notifications, holiday projects, all kinds of things. :sunglasses:

But while the wiki does have a section for discussion of individual devices, it just has never really grown in the way the other sections have. Feel free to add to it, and encourage others to do so as well. :sunglasses:

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