How to find a specific Type of Device that works with ST?

Does anyone know how to search for a specific “thing” and what all the brands are that make it? Presently all I can do in the app and online is browse via brand which is crazy.

Here is an example. I want to get smart E12 candelabra bulbs. Previously on the ST website I could go down to the lighting section and trawl through pictures until I found the item. Now all we get is a list of brands but no idea of who makes what.

Of course doing an Amazon search I find all sorts of Chinese made custom-branded (Alibaba custom orders?) “works with ST” bulbs but of course they are not on the official lists and I’m not going to play there.

As I need the bulbs for a house in Alaska, the only vendor I know of is Ikea and they won’t ship …

I know that maintaining such a list of device types is onerous but it really would help to leverage the whole platform. Maybe if we collectively did this in a special section of the forum it would be useful and not high maintenance for any one individual?

You can browse by device type in the app:

Thanks, funny how I never noticed that tab there. Probably because by the time one adds a device one already knows the brand and it defaults to that view during the selection.

However, if one clicks on lighting, it just lists the brands that provide lighting, no further refining and so doesn’t help other than provide a smaller brand list. May be useful in cases where there aren’t too many variations in device type (e.g. Irrigation versus Lighting).

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You need to click on supported devices for a brand to see more information

The method Matvei outlined works for most hub connected brands. A lot of the cloud connected brands don’t show the specific devices, though.

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This is one of the things the community – created wiki is for. :sunglasses: The wiki exists, it’s robust, but I’ve never been able to get people to add devices to it, even for a limited category like buttons, with the exception of the list of devices that work with both HomeKit and smartthings.

Anyway it would definitely be better than trying to do it in the forum because, like other wiki’s, you can edit existing pages and there’s a history of changes.

It’s a wiki, so feel free to add whatever you like there and other people can add to it as well. :sunglasses:

You can start a page just for candelabra bulbs if you want.

BTW, there is an existing forum FAQ for this question, but it doesn’t have any better answers than you’ve already gotten. (The topic title is a clickable link)

Yes, the Wiki would be a perfect solution! I’m happy to contribute to that.

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