WiFi to IR Device

Ran across this in a promo email seems to be able to control IR devices from your phone via WiFi. I know we have Harmony now, but this seems like it could be a cheaper option that could be also be used in other applications outside of A/V. Just wanted to throw it out there, I’ll probably be ordering one to play with, but wanted to see the reaction from the rest of the community.

Seems limited to “their” proprietary app, and if so, I’d run away. I realize an iTach is three times the price, but their API means you can control it from just about anything.

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Very valid point, I dug around and can’t find anything on a API. So unfortunately I agree, run away.

I don’t know at $33, it may be worth a purchase. Using a network sniffer during command executing we may be able to hack our own API.

Check out:





That is SO AWESOME!!! Just ordered mine !!!

Hey, I also saw that i uses 433mhz.
Kinde and their smoke detectors (the ones that pairs with WINK) uses 433mhz … Do you see where I’m going :stuck_out_tongue:?

Would it work ?

Last I checked the 433Mhz protocol had not been hacked. The only part that had been interfaced with was the IR blaster portion. I have a unit and had it set up with my Ninja Blocks platform and it worked well.

Ahhh but will is there a driver to use with Smartthings?

No one has developed it yet that I know of. @daniktherrien

the Ninja-Allone drivers is cool but we need one for SmartThings. Orvibo also have a zigbee mini hub which works with wider range end point devices now.
i got my allone, s20 and zigbee lighting switches setup at home now. also requesting the orvibo api from their support. if anyone can guide me thru how to make it works with smartthings, please let me know.