Wifi Fan Speed Control

So suprised there is not more wifi fan speed controller out there. I have only found what i want in zwave.

I ditched zwave for wifi when we moved a
Couple years ago because i could easily control my wifi signal in the house with building a mesh network with access points.

So One of the last things is integrating the ceiling fans. Since cant find a wifi tried zwave. Started today with a GE Zwave plus and dispite my ST V3 hub being about 20 feet away through a drywalled wall it wont connect. And the next bummer is that since I set it up on ethernet i would have to reset the whole thing to move the hub closer (i know they are working on fixing the ability to change between ethernet and wifi on demand)

So this goes back to my like of wifi switches vs zwave. I really dont want to purchase another zwave device for 40 bucks to put in between in hopes of improving the zwave signal. My wifi in my house is nails.

I really wanted this to work i even moved the hub to another location that I had a network jack and no joy but its probably 5 feet further but thought maybe just try it.

So anyone aware of any wifi fan control switches out there? Ive seen some on amazon but its a whole integrated peice for a one gang box. Im in a dual gang box and so need one like the GE Leviton style switches that take a cover plate.

Any help appreciated.