WiFi Devices that Work with SmartThings

I am looking for more devices all the time and noticed that there are many WiFi devices on Samsung’s website now: https://www.smartthings.com/products

To those of you that are using one or more of those WiFi devices, are the interfaces to those devices direct over your WAN or through the third-party app in the cloud? Do all of the functions work, such as measuring power consumption for an outlet that natively will do so through the manufactures app?

I’d say the majority are cloud to cloud. There’s some exceptions like Sonos and Wemo.

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First rule of home automation: “the model number matters.” So as far as which features are exposed through the integration, it just varies.

Smartthings has opened up their API for manufacturers, so these days almost all of the integrations are owned by the device manufacturer and will be cloud to cloud.

There are a few holdover partnerships from the previous platform like Sonos and the Phillips hue bridge which are local and were developed by smartthings themselves, but there are only a few of those and I don’t expect to see many more of them.

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I will speak to TP-Link HS110 and HS300 Energy Monitor plugs. I do not believe the official integration supports energy monitor functions. However, the community developed integration does. Although it is deprecated, it is still available and works.

As a general rule, you need to check out by device for support for other than basic (on, off, level, color) functions.

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