Smartthings support Wifi devices? if yes, how?

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I read that latest architecture support wifi devices?

Any sample to detect a wifi device? example like those wifi wall switch, speaker and etc?

Devices are the building blocks of the SmartThings infrastructure. They are the connection between the SmartThings system and the physical world. There’s a huge variety in the devices you can use; some are created by SmartThings, but most are not.

The real power of SmartThings is that our system works with most home automation devices already on the market. We believe in a fully integrated approach, where you aren’t tied into a particular technology or protocol. We offer compatibility with standards such as ZigBee, Z-Wave, and IP/WiFi, so we work with literally hundreds of off the shelf third-party devices.

It’s more accurate to say that SmartThings supports LAN Devices (as well as Z-Wave, ZigBee, and Cloud Devices).

Most people only have one IP LAN in their homes, which means their WiFi Devices are on the same LAN as the SmartThings Hub. The broadband connection (cable, DSL, or satellite modem…) may include wired Ethernet ports and WiFi, or the model is connected to the WAN input port of a router and/or WAP (wireless access point).

There are a set of “hubAction()” (and other) methods used for the discovery and communication with LAN Devices. I’ll post the doc link…

An example LAN device type is the Philips Hue Bridge (though it, it turn, uses ZigBee to communicate with the end-nodes – the lightbulbs).

I’m trying to think of another good open source LAN / WiFi Device Type example, but nothing comes off the top of my head. Someone might post before I think of one.

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So, how does this discussion ends ?
No wifi support ?
If all those Lifx, Ecobee and other devices controlled through cloud.
And other devices controlled through LAN (wired connection to AP or home switch router)

The conclusion is no wifi ?
Please someone clarify this and lets save peoples time !

There’s no WiFi radio in the SmartThings hub. So there’s no direct Wi-Fi connection. Just the LAN option that @tgauchat described above.


Why do you say a LAN connection must be “wired”?

In most people’s basic home networks, their wired Ethernet ports and WiFi network are on the same LAN (local area network)… Usually on the same subnet seamlessly bridged by the AP.

I meant the connection between SmartThings Hub and Your HomeAP device must be wired. Because it is quite confusing, when people get the SmartThings HUB. They think it can be connected to your homeAP through Wifi Connection without actually connecting using Ethernet CABLE (Like Wink or other hubs).

I think @JDRoberts gave clean and exact answer.

The LAN connection is possible via homeAP (or whatever network device we have connected our SmartThings HUB), but Wifi connection directly from ST-HUB is not possible !

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Will ST connect to an IRIS wifi smart plug?

Look at the post right above yours.

I realize the Plug will be on my lan, but not sure if it can be accessed from ST. The above post doesn’t address that, I don’t believe.

@Jwwhite It’s not perfect, or pretty, but I did just get my Iris WiFi Smart Plug working with SmartThings.

Here is the post I just answered on another thread.