Wifi Button as Switch

I hope this is not too confusing. I’ve been all over the internet to find ideas or products to assist the members of my family who insist that a wall switch be present to operate a light, lamp, etc. I have various lights that are controlled by wifi plugs. Some are not easily accessible and my family has issues with Smart Home devices in general.
With that background, does anyone know of a wall switch that can be installed with no connection to an actual light? just simply act as a Wifi button for an outlet plug for example?

Innovelli scenes seem to be too complicated ((HUGE eye roll here)). And the Actiontiles tablets seem to disappear.

Or can someone give me idea on how to DIY something?
I’m tired of finding my smart plugs on the floor or people complaining they can’t turn on a light.

Is there a reason why it needs to be WiFi? There are plenty of Zigbee offerings…

I personally use the Xiaomi Zigbee buttons. They are a little tricky to pair but once paired, they work great and battery life is going on three years for me!

The first rule of home automation applies “the model number matters.“ :sunglasses:

This can definitely be done, but the exact device depends on the other devices that you are using and whether you have them connected to a SmartThings account or not.

So what are the brand and models of the smart plugs you want to control and are they on your SmartThings account?