Wall switch without wiring

(Matt) #1

I want a wall switch in a location that does not have one. Are there any Zwave or Zigbee options that look like a wall switch and are not $100


(Kyle ) #2

Several . . . the search function on the community would of brought up a few options, here is the device type & smart app and more info for the most common ones . . .

Z-WAVE.ME // POPP // DEVELO all have options


The Popp switch mentioned above is a good option for UK customers, but is not available for the US.

Since you mentioned a price in US dollars, try the following link. There are several options there.

(Matt) #4

thanks for the ino and yes I am in the USA, I am really wanting one that looks like a the GE switches


The closest thing is probably the Cooper Aspire RF9500. It’s mentioned in the Remotes topic linked above. Looks exactly like a Cooper dimmer wall switch.

But I’m not aware of anything that matches the GE switch look.