Wifiplug support

have anyone created smartapp for wifiplug

i have many in my house and i want to add them to my smartthings , anyone can help on that ?

I have not looked into these devices but if as the name implies they are Wi-Fi then you can’t directly integrate them into SmartThings.

When I open this thread in safari on my iPhone (this thread, not the link the OP posted in the thread), I get a prompt to login to a website related to this plug? Wtf?

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Yes they are WiFi devices and the provider have API , so I guess smartapp can bet created for them for on and off

I admit that I don’t know much about integrating devices not directly supported by SmartThings. That being said, in order for your SmartThings hub to directly control Wi-Fi plugs, it would need a Wi-Fi radio which it doesn’t have. I’m thinking your best bet is some sort of virtual switch in SmartThings tied to a IFTTT recipe to trigger an action on your plugs.

Hello all,

Has anyone managed to integrate WIFIPLUG Glass+ to smartthings? Thanks in Advance