Wife cannot run ST scenes via Google assistant

So she has been added to the Gogle home and smartthings location. She can see the all devices for google home and can see devices and scenes within smartthings.

I tried linking her Google assistant to smartthings and that sort of worked. She could see the scenes but running them via assistant voice commands was still hit and miss. The biggest issue was that this linking then duplicate a Ted every smartthings device in Google Home.

Ultimately what I want is to be able set up assistant routines that we can both use but I can’t seem to get this working if the routine includes a smartthings scene.

Any suggestions?

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Hey there! @lmartins6746, another community user was having similar issues.

Please refer to this thread to check out some of the troubleshooting steps to try: Scenes missing and device duplication in Google Home

Additionally, I believe that assistant routines need to be set up separately on each device. Having access to the scenes and the devices, you would have to create an assistant routine for each use case on both devices.

I hope this message finds you well!


@SamsungZell Thanks for the reply. I’ll check out the other thread.

Regarding setting up assistant routines on each device…I’m not sure what you mean. We have 6 nest mini devices but the routines run on each without configuring them separately. If you mean creating the routines on each account (mine and my wife’s), that shouldn’t be necessary as routines that I have defined previously work fine for her so long as they don’t include ST scenes.

They do? That’s annoying as things were at last beginning to make sense, which is unusual for Google Home.

I have linked my Google Account to SmartThings and Broadlink. I see the following with Google Home/Assistant:

  • I am presented with all the available devices in SmartThings and Broadlink and I get to choose which, if any, homes those devices are assigned to.
  • I can add any of those devices to Google Routines regardless of the home they are assigned to.
  • I can add any of my SmartThings and Broadlink scenes to Google Routines. However that is now the only place I ever see them listed.
  • Apart from not being able to easily see my scenes, everything works pretty much as I would expect.

I have shared a home with other Google accounts (which are not linked to SmartThings or Broadlink). When I investigate those accounts I find the following:

  • My Google Routines are neither visible to them, nor can they be accessed by them. Though it would be nice to be able to share certain Routines this does make sense.
  • They can see and control all the devices in the home and add them to their own Routines. They cannot see any devices that I didn’t assign to the home. This again seems to make sense.
  • They do not have the scenes listed anywhere. They cannot add SmartThings or Broadlink scenes to Google Routines. This sort of makes sense as they are not part of the home that was shared.
  • They cannot activate either Broadlink or SmartThings scenes. Again this makes sense as it is the home that is shared and there is nothing to associate the scenes with the home.
  • EXCEPT that at least one account can activate at least one Broadlink scene via a voice assistant, though not by voice or keyboard on a phone. Beats me.

I do remember that once upon a time you got to assign scenes to rooms when linking to SmartThings, and it was also once possible to come across the scenes somewhere obscure and change the room assignment. I don’t see that any more and I don’t see any association between scenes and homes so it actually makes sense that other accounts can’t see the scenes. However it doesn’t make any sense that scenes can’t be assigned to homes.