Google home and routine problem with other family people

Not directly inherent in SmartThings, but I realized it by trying with this.

Help me understand what’s wrong :thinking: Requirements: - Share the house with other people (wife for example) - Have Google home routines that recall a scene from other ecosystems (Hue, SmartThings, broadlink or other) and have a different family member run it… :thinking: It doesn’t work for me. Strange isn’t it? To you? :thinking:

When you link Google to SmartThings or Broadlink (and presumably other platforms) the devices and scenes are linked to your Google Assistant account. You can immediately use them yourself. However in order for other users to see them they have to be placed in a Home and Room. That is easy for devices as they will be right in your face on your Google Home dashboard, but there is absolutely no way of doing it for scenes. It used to be possible by using ‘Home Control’ in the Assistant Settings as that allowed you to drill down into the stuff you’d imported from other platforms. Now it just lets you delete or refresh the connections.

This happened quite some time ago. The third party manufacturers are as baffled as the rest of us as to why Google did this.

I believe it is, or was, possible to create the integrations so that you are prompted to place scenes in Homes and Rooms, but even then it seems to be a one-off thing.

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Thanks, now I stop going crazy to see if I was wrong something. What nonsense. :roll_eyes: