Widget PC - Control PC possible?

Hi, is it possible to add a large widget in smartthings that would be used to control the computer? Or create something like this? I would see it as a big widget like in find my mobile and above it there are buttons Turn on computer, sleep etc. When it is turned on, the widget shows the desktop and thanks to this you could remotely control the computer.

You could handle on/off via a scene widget on your home page, with a virtual switch tied to @TAustin 's network device monitor.

Beyond that, for control of the PC from a mobile device you’re going to need a different tool. That’s not going to be in ST’s wheelhouse.

In addition to my LAN Device Monitor driver referenced above (thanks @MarkTr) which includes a WOL capability, I also have another driver (that for some reason I never really ‘advertised’), that is more specifically for creating a simple WOL switch for a device. It’s called Virtual WOL Switch V1 and is available on my test channel.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘remotely control the computer’. Waking it up is about all you can do from SmartThings. With some additional setup you could have a LAN app ping it periodically to let you know if it is alive or not, and have that reflected in SmartThings.

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I use teamviewer for remote access for different platforms.