Control smartthings with computer?

I leave my PC on all the time and have two monitors connected I want to connect a zwave outlet to the monitors and somehow control it with the keystroke of the keyboard or mouse movement to turn the zwave outlet on
Any ideas

ActionTiles is a very popular dashboard program for smartthings. It will run in pretty much any browser, including on a laptop. You do need an Internet connection, but it would give you the most options, I think. A license is about $30 (per hub, I believe, not per device), so you would also be able to run it on a tablet or your phone as well on the same license.

Alternatively, if it really is just one device for on/off, just open in a browser and run an applet from there.


I think he’s meaning like using EventGhost that on a keystroke it will signal ST to turn on the power plug. I use this for lighting control in my office/family room when I’m home working.

Why not adjust your monitor power settings on your computer to put the monitors to sleep when not in use and the computer will turn them back on.


You could stick a multipurpose sensor to your keyboard to detect the vibration when you touch it, and have that trigger the outlet.

I tried that with a multipurpose sensor on my chair… it never noticed when I sat down or got up.

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Id really like to turn the monitors off sometimes I dont use them for a couple days I know on standby they dont draw much power. Im using a motion sensor right now but Ive notice that If I dont move much they will turn off. I have it set for no motion in 30 min. Maybe Ill change that to 60 see how that works

If all you want is on/off, use a button. Tap on. Hold off. Or if you use the Magic Wand SmartThings App, you can toggle multiple devices with a single button depending upon the codes you setup.

Something’s are already there and needs no additional “Smarts”. PCs have a very robust power management system. You could simply tell the PC to turn off the monitors in 10 minutes of no activity. They will automatically turn back on with a keyboard stroke or mouse movement…

I use EventGhost to control various things on my PCs via SmartThings. The biggest plus is to turn my PCs off and keep track of their status. I even have Virtual Switches that follows when the PCs are active or not.

Here’s a tutorial:

Thanks Rontalley
Ill look into that