WiFi Controlled Strip Lights

I am looking to install some wifi strip lights on the exterior of my house to let me light up the house and do some decorative effects for holidays.

I came across this device https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01J5A5YYM/ref=psdc_2054338011_t2_B01GJMRLUY

Has anyone seen this or have the chops/interest in making a device handler for it? I would love a more advanced programming that allows me to use this controller with ST and control several different units so I can color them and do some light shows on the house

let me know if anyone has seen this/worked on this



You’d probably be better of using one of the devices already supported like the [RELEASE] SmartLife (H801) RGBW LED Strip Wifi Controller & Bulb. Multiple people around here are using that one (example Advice needed: Dual control RGBW LED strip).

Just might be easier then re-inventing the wheel.

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