Why such poor device support in the UK?

So, I’ve moved country and had a SmartThings previously that supported a huge range of devices. I got in on an “insider” test program in the UK of the new SmartThings hub and I have to say that I’m utterly disappointed by the the extremely short list of supported devices. What’s going on? Why this segregation when at least 50% of the devices available for the US version of the SmartThings hub should work in the UK? It makes zero sense and it makes owning a SmartThings hub here pretty useless as I can’t even connect a WeMo switch to it. I noticed here in the forums that there’s apparently something of a workaround to make it happen, but it works natively with the US version of the SmartThings hub.

This is such a half baked product and the new app doesn’t help either. I’m just glad I didn’t actually spend any money on it, as it’s pointless as a product the way it is right now.