Why send interactionResult to me?

Document told me Interaction Result notification to the partner where issues are found in the response on a request from SmartThings Schema.

But I see the Interaction Result in the log immediately after the discoveryRequest at 4:06:11 pm.
It happens almost every day around this time

SmartThingsService: {"headers":{"schema":"st-schema","interactionType":"discoveryRequest","requestId":"cfa6e5a8-04e5-56a9-8c55-bc881e578a37.7i9rd8","version":"1.0"},"authentication":{"tokenType":"Bearer","token":"93e6f8dc-ATkdeYEXjPO1Mib6SntyHWH"}}
SmartThingsService: {"headers":{"schema":"st-schema","interactionType":"interactionResult","requestId":"cfa6e5a8-04e5-56a9-8c55-bc881e578a37.7i9rd8","version":"1.0"},"authentication":{"tokenType":"Bearer","token":"93e6f8dc-ATkdeYEXjPO1Mib6SntyHWH"}}

{\"headers\":{\"schema\":\"st-schema\",\"version\":\"1.0\",\"interactionType\":\"interactionResult\",\"requestId\":\"cfa6e5a8-04e5-56a9-8c55-bc881e578a37.7i9rd8\"},\"authentication\":{\"tokenType\":\"Bearer\",\"token\":\"93e6f8dc-ATkdeYEXjPO1Mib6SntyHWH\"},\"deviceState\":[{\"deviceError\":[{\"errorEnum\":\"BAD-RESPONSE\",\"detail\":\"Request failed\"}]}]}"

deviceError BAD-RESPONSE is not seen in the documentation.
Are there any specific mechanics or problems?

Hey, @Cannan

Based on the detail of the deviceState.deviceError response, it seems that the stateRefreshRequest is not being handled properly after the scheduled discoveryRequest.

This is an automatic process that occurs every 6 hours as stated Here.

Is stateRefreshRequest not sent successfully or I did not process successfully? I think it was not sent successfully, because I didn’t see the log.

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Yes, this might be it.

Therefore, if your Schema Connector relies directly on the response of the device for the scheduled discovery flow, I recommend you reply with a default state and as soon as you get the data from the device, push the state through State Callbacks.

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