Which battery brand to buy for SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor?

One of my multipurpose sensors that I was using for a garage door open/close notification has stopped responding to “Device Health”. I turned Device Health off and tried to follow instructions to re-pair it by removing the battery and pluggin it in again but the light doesn’t come on the sensor leading me to believe that the battery might be dead. I remember there was a discussion here before that only a particular brand batteries worked best for these sensors. Anybody have recommendations?

the ST multipurpose sensor, second generation, that takes CR2045 coin cell,
is too unreliable to use. Whether it’s marginal batteries, or corrosion, or device handler, it adds up to the same hassle.

IMO. I don’t have any opinion of the Ecolink? tilt-sensor that may be ok. Not too many public complaints about it.

The various contact sensors are what I would try use on the garage door, if I did not already have a 1st-gen ST multisensor (which takes 2x AAAA) that works fine. The Monoprice Contact sensor has been very good, no issues.

The Energizer batteries DID NOT WORK and the label inside the sensor specifically said to use Duracell or Panasonic batteries. After reading some reviews at BestBuy and needing something ASAP I did purchase the Rayovac batteries and they worked like a charm.

All you have to do is bend the battery contact taps just a tiny bit and you are good to use any brand battery. I have 10 of this sensors.

Hello, it looks like the smartthings multi-sensor battery clips were redesigned.

Can anyone confirm?

I just purchased another one and the battery compartment looks different, like it Might hold the battery better.

It also shows different in the IDE, older ones I have report centralite, new ones report smartthings, and the firmware numbers do not match.

I had one sensor that had its battery died. I replaced the battery with a energizer battery and it did not seem to work, I tried messing with the clip and I must have applied to much pressure and the clip just broke off, threw it out and bought a new multi-sensor, this one is for the dryer, my wife and I like the notifications on dryer complete.

Lastly, for inside the house they work great, use on a dryer, doorbell, and a door.

May work great in garage, but I have had problems with zigbee signals in garage.

Would love to use them in garage because they are solid state.

I use the ecolink tilt. In general they work great on garage doors.

Since I have owned them, I have had one time the ball inside mechanism bounced or something and saw the state toggle while the garage door opened.

After a year or so, one ecolink “failed” in the following manner.

A couple of times it would just report open, even when the door was closed. Then manually opening and closing the door would fix the status.

Tried to experiment with moving the inside sensor a little bit and accidentally broke the plastic snaps on the cover so threw it out and bought a replacement, the newer ecolink newer zwave plus model.

I think that there are some brands that would not work no matter how much you bent the positive (outer ring) contact. I had some Radio Shack/Renata batteries I bought a while back where the positive/outer portion extends only half way - even less than the Energizers. I don’t think any amount of bending would have made them work. The Duracells I put in today are working just fine.