Time based events failing?

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Who are you addressing your comment to (ie., “you need to fire your management staff…”)? Who is “you”?

You’ve not been on the Community forum very long (September, correct?). What you might not know is that SmartThings representatives from all levels of the company keep an eye on this forum, including the CEO (Alex Hawkinson) and CTO (Jeff Hagins), and various levels also attend the open bi-weekly “Developer’s conference calls”. Alex and Jeff, themselves, have been on a couple calls.

Now I can’t put exact words in their mouths, but I believe I am not inaccurate if I summarize the impression I get from them is this (based on their public statements in posts, tweets, and aforementioned conference calls, etc.):

  1. They are sorry about the problems you are experiencing and would love if you contacted support@SmartThings.com, and even tweet / email them personally, so they can “make this right”. NB: Check out the reviews of Hub V2 on Amazon.com; every single negative comment is responded to by a representative of SmartThings saying the above. Support is often overwhelmed, but always friendly, professional, and praised. Support is usually aware of the most effective workarounds for common problems (eg, open each SmartApp Preferences and press Done), but sometimes defers to saying it will be fixed “soon” in unspecified future release, with no personal follow-up, Case/Ticket is then immediately inaccurately marked “Resolved” (per Support Team management public and private response). Manual follow-up process was promised by the VP of Operations Tyler1.

  2. They admit that they purposefully release with known issues, and that there are a lot of known issues, and that fixes are prioritized based on various impact factors. This drives a rapid release cycle strategy going forward (per Hagins). When an issue like this (scheduling) has been outstanding for a long time, it either means that it is: (a) very very hard for them to solve especially in such a rapidly growing company with a rapidly evolving product and growing workforce, and/or (b) isn’t considered high enough priority to solve relative to the many, many other issues and features in the queue (simple example of this is the lack of Labels on Thing Tiles in App V1, except via shaking; it was never resolved, in favor of deferring it for 3 years until redesign and release of Things List view in App V2).

Direct PM, email and/or Tweet to Alex and/or Jeff and see if you end up with the responses I describe above. I’m not making any judgement as to whether or not these are “valid” responses; Instead, I’m saying that SmartThings is and continues to be extremely consistent in their handling of all these issues.

They are an extremely “customer focused” company and management team, that appears to fail at solving what appear to be relatively “solvable” long-term ongoing issues.

We are either underestimating the complexity of the Platform or overestimating the ability – or motivation – for SmartThings to fix things. Based on #1., everyone, including the highest levels of management, are highly and sincerely motivated for the platform to be stable and customer friendly. I don’t want to imply they are not. So … draw your own conclusions?