Zigbee device mysteriously connects to hub

Hello wise ST community -

There is a Halo Zigbee device model Halo_RL5601 that mysteriously connects to my hub without me actually doing anything. It’s active for awhile then goes offline and periodically comes back online. If I delete the device, whether in the app/CLI/AWA, it will reappear attached to my hub. Since I don’t actually own any of these devices, I’m thinking it could be a neighbor’s, but didn’t think Zigbee had the signal strength to travel between houses (even though my hub is probably only 40-50 ft from their house). The bigger question to me is how it joins my hub without any interaction on my part.


Wow—that should absolutely not happen. :thinking:

The distance might be OK, and I suppose there’s a very small possibility that you could have your hub been scanning mode at exactly the same time that your neighbor was trying to add the device to their network, but there’s just no way that should happen more than once. So it sounds more like a platform issue on the SmartThings side. Not an actual Zigbee to hub attachment. ( that kind of thing has been reported from time to time in the forum, like a person whose device list suddenly included a dining room sensor when their house didn’t even have a dining room.)

Definitely report it to support and see what they can see from their side.

By any chance, are you using Mariano’s “Zigbee light multifunction” edge driver? That edge driver does include the fingerprint for that halo model, so I’m wondering if something else that you have is being mislabeled. :thinking:

Researching further, looks like it’s also in the stock “Zigbee switch” driver.

So if it shows up again, go to


And take a screenshot of the device details for that device, and in particular, note what edge driver it is using.

A labeling error would make a lot more sense than a mystery network join. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I haven’t done a scan on my hub in ages, but the dang light keeps coming back. It installs with the stock Zigbee Switch driver, so the hub is downloading the driver itself.

I also have Unsecure Rejoin set to false.

Only Mariano driver I have installed is the Aplicaciones Virtuales Mc for the calendar functions.

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Any chance your power meter broadcasts a Zigbee connection?

After doing a bit of reading, yes, PG&E’s smart meters are Zigbee based. Still, how is it being added to my hub without my interaction and why would it identify as a switch?

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:man_shrugging:do you have zigbee secure mode enabled or disabled for your hub?

Yes, and Unsecure Rejoin is false.

Interesting! Very strange it was allowed to join then.


Have you tried turning this mysterious Halo device on/off a few times? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I have done it when its online. My neighbor has not reported a light in his house going mysteriously off/on :slight_smile: Status is updated in the mobile app and associated web pages.

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And just like that it’s back and the driver was re-installed.

The stock drivers are part of your hub firmware, they are always going to be reinstalled if you delete them, so that’s not a surprise.

If you want to investigate further, change it to the “zigbee thing MC” edge Driver from Mariano’s channel and let’s see what cluster codes it has. Because those will come from the device itself, not from the edge Driver.

But if you don’t want to do that, I understand. :thinking:

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Based on those clusters, it certainly identifies as a lighting device with color control and dimmer.

Agreed. Weird. It appears to be a real device and on power. could it be a leftover holiday decoration?

No, been there for months and months.

Not sure what to say, then, since smartthings doesn’t give us any network topography tools. But it seems to be a real device somewhere. :thinking:

Next field tech step since it’s a Mains powered device would be to turn off one circuit at a time in your house and see if you can identify where it’s getting power from.


It looks to me like it genuinely is a smart downlight but it may be being fed by a dumb/smart switch and used like a dumb light, hence the online/offline thing.

If it only came back when the hub was scanning it would make more sense. Not a lot of sense, just more than zero.


My neighbor did an addition on their house a couple of years ago and that seemed to coincide with when it started appearing which is why I’ve always guessed it could be theirs. The perplexing thing is that it just adds itself to my hub which should not be happening. Guess I’ll have to deal with support to figure it out :-/