Why hasn't anyone come up with a light switch/motion device?

Seems like it would be useful.

I believe @JDRoberts speculated that it was due to the limited amount of space inside the typical junction box, which seems reasonable to me.

This is been previously discussed in the forums. The short answer is that in the past The zwave radio devices were too big to allow for two different devices in a single gang box. However, that has changed with the introduction of the newest generation of Zwave, Z wave plus, and in fact GE/Jasco has already announced that they will have this type of “occupancy switch” out by the end of this year.


That said, you don’t need it, because you can combine any smart things controlled motion sensor with any smart things controlled light switch, and in fact that gives you a lot more options about where to put the motion sensor. But if you really want one, the GE one will be out soon. :sunglasses:


And then, I will be a completely happy man. Until I factor in the costs of replacing switches :slight_smile:

Fortunately, application will be limited, unless we’re given significant control over the trigger conditions.

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Thanks JDRoberts, that makes sense. I can see this being useful in small rooms where simply entering the room would fire up the lights. I’m currently using GE Jasco switches along with additional motion sensors but for certain smaller rooms, that In-wall motion switch would be great.

Having lived in a house with a few of the switches with a motion sensor in them… I hated them. The placement of the switch does not lend itself to good motion sensing. You’d have to be far into the room for it to pick up, as even the best motion sensors dont do 180* of view more like 120* is the max and 90* being more common. And then places like bathrooms, you easily get out of view and the light turns off.

Seems like a nifty idea and ‘clean’. Until you have to live with them. In the 3 years with them, I never said ‘man im glad we did this’

Is it possible to use an Aeon Microswitch (or NanoSwitch) behind a motion sensing device such as a Lutron Occupancy/Vacancy Sensor?

GE 26931 and 26933 are out. They work pretty well in places that lend themselves towards having motion sensing tied to a switch.

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I read that they had been released but they are really hard to find still.

Newegg or straight from jasco: https://byjasco.com/products/ge-z-wave-plus-smart-motion-dimmer

They’re still reporting funny since ST doesn’t have a proper device handler as much as I’ve tried to bother them about it.

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What’s interesting is that I have what I assume are maybe ra2 switches in my lab - motion sensing, and they look very much like the consumer GE ones. The lab’s been built for a few years now, so the precursors have been available at least for a while…

Different protocol, different frequency, different size board. :sunglasses: This thread has been referring specifically to Z wave radios. The newest generation, Z wave plus, is significantly smaller than previous generations which is why we are now starting to see this form factor available in zwave plus devices.

Got it. I assume it made it a little easier to translate since the shells were already being used and all they had to do was replace the guts :slight_smile:

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