Occupancy Sensor

(Timothy Wallace) #1

I have looked through several online sights, and can not find an in-wall occupancy sensor. Just a regular switch, but with an occupancy sensor. Does such a thing exist?

(Ben Edwards) #2

When you say occupancy do you mean motion or some sort of infrared sensor or something? I have seen these in commercial settings. I think we will see more switches begin to come out that have motion sensing as a part of them.

(Timothy Wallace) #3

I am talking about a switch like this:

Lutron MS-OPS2-WH Maestro 250 Watt Single Pole Occupancy Sensor Switch, White

(Brian Smith) #4

I hadn’t thought about how great an idea this is. Combining, say, a zwave dimmer and a zwave occupancy sensor in one box like the “dumb” ones is a great idea. Seems like something someone should have thought of by now! Is there one out there?

(Matt) #5

I’ve been looking for something like this as well.

(Brian) #6

ok. yes. add this to the “things we dont have” thread