Zigbee wall switch with motion detector


I have searched the net and can not find this. I am looking for a single switch that has a motion detector. Like this one


I would like to control it with the Smart Things hub. Z-Wave would be ok but I prefer Zigbee. I think long term Z-Wave will go away and want to keep everything Zigbee.


That pic came out wrong. it stretched it. I am looking for a standard single gang switch.


Deleted my previous post because I just realized I was wrong, that one’s not a load control. It’s just a motion sensor.

If you’ve been looking at the LUtron Maestro occupancy switches and trying to match those, the problem is that both zigbee and zwave radios are bigger, and consequently it’s pretty much impossible to fit a motion sensor and a load control relay into the same single gang switch box.

The alternative is just to use two separate devices, which gives you more flexibility for the zone the motion sensor will cover.

We’ve discussed this in the forums in the past. The following might be of interest:

Best Buy is now selling a couple of different zigbee HA wall switches, so if you want to stay just with zigbee you do have several different two device options now.


I am an Electrical Eng. and work with PIR motion sensors and Zigbee modules all the time. You can get a radio module with antenna that’s fits in a 30mm x 19mm x 2.5mm package. PIR motion sensors are 23mm x 30mm. That leaves a lot of room for other devices in a single gang slot. It can be done. I was just curios if one had seen one in the past.