Why doesn't 'Force Remove' a Thing work?

I am trying to remove a “Thing” from the SmartThings iPhone app. I did “Force Remove” and the app says it was removed. It is still their. Any ideas on how to remove a “Thing”.


Sometimes removing devices works differently for zigbee vs. z-wave. What’s the device?

It’s likely that the device is still in use by a smartapp. Some smartapps can handle it, but some cannot.

It is Z-Wave.

The only app that I am using is SmartThings. It tells me that I successfully removed it but the “Thing” is still there.

What else can I try?

With Z-Wave you should never force delete as you will end up with mesh nodes that no longer exist. The proper way to remove a Z-Wave device is through the exclusion process.

I would recommend going to the device and clicking replace. Then readd the device based on manufacturer directions. Afterwards you can try the exclusion process.

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Thank you for helping me.

Our timing is not too good. I was able to delete this thing using the SmartThings website.

I hope I didn’t create any problems doing it this way. I removed the item below. Shockingly, it is not compatible with SmartThings.

Aeotec by Aeon Labs ZW117 Range Extender

Open a support ticket they can help to remove properly.

I’m pretty sure that device will work with SmartThings as a generic Z-Wave device. You won’t be able to “do” anything with it (on/off is not used so they won’t work), but the range extender functionality should operate properly.

Unfortunately with the SmartThings tools provided you won’t be able to tell if the range extension is actually working. Trial and error will verify that.

What I was referring to by “using another app” is using the device in question in another automation smartapp within the SmartThings system, such as CoRE, smart lighting, etc. Or perhaps in one of your dashboard functions.

If you go to the device, and then go to the smartapps tab of that device, is any smartapp listed there?

Support does not see a problem with removing this device using their website. I’m not sure what I could do at this point anyway? As I understand it all of my other Z-Wave devices act as Z-Wave extenders anyway.

I have many of the below I can use as an extender.