Why does the new app have a 20 room limit?

I have worked around the 20 room limit in the new app by creating rooms in the old and by creating a bunch of placeholder rooms, but I’m concerned that once the old app is deprecated, there could be a future in which I can’t customize my home the way I’d like it due to what seems to be an arbitrary 20 room limit in the new app. Is someone from the app product team able to comment on why this limit has been set and if there are plans in the future to remove it or accommodate the need to group devices?

EDIT: Wow, my concerns could not have been more spot on. I just opened the old app, and I see that after updating I’m effectively locked out of the old app with the migration “logout” splash screen. I’m sure glad I created 15 placeholder rooms the other day.


If you haven’t already done so, you should send a request to ST support and post a comment on the App Store. Many users have commented on this issue and perhaps ST is paying attention.

Doubtful you will get a comment from ST on the forum .

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It’s even sillier as the new app only prevents you from creating more than 20 rooms. It works fine if you already have more than 20 rooms (by creating them in the Classic app or IDE).

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EDIT: You can still create more than 20 via the IDE (via /group/create). It outputs this error message, but it does succeed:
dateCreated cannot be null

Also, the pagination in /group/list seems broken - it can now only display 20 (clicking Next gets a 500 error)

My suspicion is that it was imposed due to performance concerns with their services. The problem is I do not see a good alternative. I don’t technically need more than 20 rooms, but I use rooms as a way to group devices together. I’d be perfectly fine with a 20 room limit if there was some better way to create sub-groups of devices within rooms.


You can add a bunch of spares via the old app while it’s around. Then just keep them from displaying in the new app.

As long as you have not used tHe migration utIlity and updated to tHe latest version of the Classic app. If you have done both, you can’t do much in the Classic app anymore.

I don’t see a point exactly becaus eof what @jlv describes:

So, if I make a ton of rooms I can’t scroll to them and @jlv, seems to me if I named these rooms poorly (read: didn’t name them z_something to make sure they are at the end of the list) I might even hurt myself making valid rooms unable to display. Also with a stated 20 room limit, the UI team has no requirement to test pagination beyond 20 items so it’s probably a ‘Won’t Fix’ f we raise a bug.

Instead we need to raise a design change request for an updated limit. But for me - that falls WAY behind the priority list behind getting custom presentations working somewhat reliably and about 10 other items.

No argument there!

I made a bunch of extra rooms "just because . . ". I’m not even using 20. In some cases I have rooms I don’t need to see on the home page, so I’m just happy to get to them via the rooms menu.

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Actually, the /group/list IDE page doesn’t sort the list - it’s some randomish order.
image image

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Oh fun, random acts of violence! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would like to see the limit increased also… can we start a petition ?

would also be great if we could browse rooms by name before expanding to see the devices in the rooms… current app makes me scroll for pages and pages if i need to check something in one of the last rooms on my list.

Press the hamburger menu (three lines) and select Rooms.

Besides pagination, sorting is also broken on that page. You can see “Name” is a link. It brings you to /group/list?sort=name&order=asc which doesn’t change the order the rooms (“groups”) are shown in.

wow thats great. had not noticed it. now if only i could make that the default view…

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You can create them. That message doesn’t mean it failed. It means it is jolly confused but it creates the Rooms fine.


Ah, you are right! I just noticed the few I created testing that show up under the Groups in my Home location in the IDE. I looked for them when initially created them the other day, but I didn’t notice them then – I think I wasn’t looking carefully enough, since that list isn’t sorted.