Smartthings Hub

Hello i want to use Smartthings to automate my house, which Hub is the best to use with smartthing?

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You have two choices currently:

  1. Aeotec “works as a SmartThings hub”
    Model: AEOHUBV3

(There is a two letter suffix at the end of the model number which identifies the region: US, EU, etc. Make sure you get one for the region where you live or it will not have the correct Z wave frequency.)

Supports: Ethernet, WiFi, Zigbee, Zwave, Thread, Matter


  1. Samsung SmartThings Station

Model: EP-P9500
Supports: Ethernet, WiFi, Zigbee, Thread, Matter. Does not support Zwave.

Less expensive than the aeotec model, and has some additional cool features if you happen to have a Samsung galaxy phone. At the time of this writing, it was only available in the US and South Korea.

Which to get?

If you have a galaxy phone and you know you don’t want to use Z wave devices, I would definitely consider the station.

If you do want to use Z wave devices, or you don’t have a galaxy phone, or you live in a region where the station is not yet available, then the aeotec hub will be your best choice.

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Thank you very much JDRoberts.
i’m in Canada so i guess it’S available as we are North American.
i don’t really use Z-wave, i use Zigbee for sinopé switch and thermostat, kasa, ecobee ans sonos.
i use hubitat right now but it’s not that easy to program and i want to compare to smartthings programation.

thank you very much.
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Yes, Canada uses the same models as the US, although I don’t know if the station is available there.

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we can order trough Amazon or Samsung.
on the samsung site the price is 59$ USD.
very good price

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The $59 price is without the power brick:

  • • Does not include 25W power adapter

And the power brick is a little bit unusual, some people have said that other power adapters did not work with the device.


good point, but i already have one. PS: i buy it from ebay because Samsung USA don’t ship to Canada.

Check if this vendor ships to Canada

Thank you very much

hello JKP, i receive the smartthings station and it’S powerfull, thank you very much for the tips :wink:

Small issue, we we lost power the station can t conect with my 3 zigbee systems. Yhe only way, i need to reset the station to be able to connect again to the zigbee system.

Can someone help me with thise issue?

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if the zigbee devices are battery powered… try removing and reinserting the battery.
if main powered, cut the power to them.

you may want to consider some type of UPS to keep the Station powered up during short power outages.

Hello JKP no battery only electrical power.