Multiple devices

Hi everyone, I’m about starting up my smart home and to do this I have 1 ST hub, 1 Amazon Echo, 20 Aeotec nano dimmers, 1 Eero WiFi Extender, 2, Aeotec multi sensors, and 2 wall mounted tablets for control. Now I’d like to know if the ST hub can handle all these devices. Do I need to create access points and do I need to get a router. I presently have a wifi modem which maxes out at 11 WiFi devices.

your wifi network is mostly separate from your smartthings network. your list of devices should work fine with SmartThings.

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So if I have 50 Zwave devices, I shouldn’t bother about my modem that maxes out at 11 WiFi devices?

no. A SmartThings z-wave network is totally separate from your wifi network. As is your SmartThings zignee network. But the purpose of the hub is to communicate between these 3 networks.

Thanks a lot Jimmy. Was almost having a headache trying to figure out how I was gonna make this happen , thought I had to get access points and stuffs

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Z-Wave operates about 900MHz (depending on country) and WiFi operates on the 2.4GHz, 5GHz and even 6GHz (depending on country) frequency ranges.