Why do weather apps show different temp?

Nest (uses WU)

Same zip code is set for all.

A ZIP Code covers a lot of area. Temperature for an individual reporting station can vary just because one is in the sun and one is in the shade. Sometimes one is higher off the ground and that makes a difference. Sometimes one has a 15 minute delay in reporting and that makes a difference. You just pick the one you like and stick with that, unless you’re intentionally checking multiple locations.

I don’t know if this is still true but used to be able to specify with weather underground that you only wanted to see the airport reporting stations. That tended to generate a little more consistency.

But you still get variations from one App to another. Pick a warm day with some clouds and walk around the block and you’ll probably feel variations of up to 5° in temperature just in the local conditions. :sunglasses::sun_behind_small_cloud::partly_sunny:️:sun_behind_large_cloud:

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What JDR said - plus add reporting frequency/update time.

WU will usually use the closest - if it knows where you are when using it’s app. For secondary uses like ST I’m assuming it’s using the airport or a primary station.

I know for sure that some of the weather aps in ST allow one to specify a WU station. I know because I have one and have been a Premium WU user for over 5 years.

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There seems to be much more to this. I tried to use acuweather temperatures for two different locations and I’m seeing the same problem at both locations. Both US zip codes are retrieving European locations and thus makes the information useless, the problem is that you’re not going to know this is happening and it looks like you are just getting your info from an erroneous station as others have mentioned. I noticed it because when I enter a new zip code I see a list of locations that could be my zip code and I have have to choose one. In both cases mine was the second location in the list, the first was a European location. Even though I select the correct location the app is using the first location that matches the zip code, which is the European location. I confirmed this by recording the name of the locations and checking the weather at those locations online and they match the temps the app is reporting. Definitely a software problem!