"Weather" virtual tile not getting humidity reading?

I’m using the built in virtual weather device for triggering some events in WebCoRE, and would like to drive some off of humidity readings. However, my weather device never changes from -999% humidity:

I suggest temporarily testing with a different Zip Code / City, State.

This specific Weather Underground (I believe that’s the data source?) station may be having a problem.

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Wow, that is right! I changed it to the neighboring zip code and it refreshed with an actual value for humidity. Now, how do I tell what station it might be using that’s feeding bad data?

Browse the Weather Underground website for details on each weather station, perhaps?

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Aha, during this process I found how to select an individual weather station on WU:

so I set it to the one gold star rated station nearest to me, and it’s pulling back correct (as correct as it can be…) data now!