Weather Underground PWS Connect Reporting Wrong Data

I am testing the SmartApp named ‘Weather Underground PWS Connect’.
I configured it correctly as far as I can tell, but from the very start, on the WU page for this PWS, it says,
Not Reporting’.

I created and configured it yesterday. Then, when I saw that it was Not Reporting, I decided to wait a while to give it time to get refreshed or whatever, but it’s still doing the same thing today.

The temperature sensor (Aeon Labs Multi Sensor) is working just fine. It seems to update frequently enough for my liking, and displays that info in the ST app.

It’s outside, under a small porch on the east side of the house. I’m NOT using it to simply get the outside weather conditions. It’s part of my garage cooling project, and I placed it near the air intake vents. That’s why it’s where it is.

Does anyone else know what the possibilities are for what may be preventing it from reporting to WU?
Like, which components or pieces or parts should I be looking at?

p.s. I know I don’t need this for my garage cooling system. I can just point it directly to the temp sensor itself.
It’s just a coincidence that I am using this temp sensor for this…it’s the only one I have outside.
Also, it’s not intended as my main WU PWS. This is only for testing to see how the PWS Connect SmartApp works. .

Now it’s reporting, but incorrectly. The station is reporting one temp, but the WU PWS on their site is showing 10 degrees higher temp for the PWS which is connected to this temp sensor.

So, is this a WU problem or something goofy going on with ST?

Does anybody else see this with theirs?

Anybody have any clues what’s going on with mine?

Any pointers to check on?