Why do some routines run locally vs cloud?

I have had issues with Sunrise/Sunset related triggers for about the past two weeks. Sunset triggered proper executions, but sunrise would not. The switches I was having problems with were running through Smart Lighting so I could use +/- minutes greater than 60 which Routines does not support. Since I was having issues I went ahead and just moved all my stuff over to Routines and disabled Smart Lighting. The lights now turn on and off as scheduled based on sunset/sunrise. The only thing I noticed is that all my routines are run locally (which is great!) except for my outdoor lights. I thought that maybe it was because of the sunrise/sunset in the times, but I have other indoor lights that trigger based on Sunrise/Sunset and they indicate they are run locally. I can’t see anything different between routines run locally vs the one I created yesterday for my outdoor lights. What is stopping the new Routine I set up from running locally?

Not all devices run locally and not all conditions in Rourines are able to run locally. Can you post a screen shot of the routine that’s in the cloud and which make and model of devices it uses?

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Here’s a screenshot of the Routine and 4 devices it controls.

The switches consist of one Inovelli Black series dimmer Zwave (no neutral in switch location as it’s GFI protected circuit elsewhere), 1 Inovelli Zwave switch (no series indicated), 1 Enbrighten 46201 Zwave switch and one GE 12722 Zwave switch.

Is this the only routine that uses and offset for the sunset time condition? Are the devices using standard device handlers or edge drivers or custom versions?

No. In fact I have two other routines that use sunset offsets, but they execute locally. I believe they are standard handlers as I’m not familiar with edge drivers or installing any other custom versions.

Devices on this routine:

2x GE Z-Wave Outdoor Module (plug in) 12720
1x GE Z-Wave Duplex Receptacle 45605

Devices in this routine:

1x JASCO Z-Wave Plus Smart Dimmer Plug, 28166
1x Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart LED Bulb (not sure on model number)

I think the problem is your inovelli dimmer. It’s still using a Groovy Device Type Handler (DTH) that runs in the cloud. You could test this by removing it from the routine and seeing if it switches to local when you save.

So I was poking around inside the api site on my browser and looking at the affected devices to compare to see if there was something different between them all. It looks like the Inovelli dimmer (Outdoor Post Light in the routine that runs cloud vs local) is shown as “Secure Dimmer Device Outdoor Post Light” and the Execution Location is shown as: Cloud. I guess this one device is what is forcing the entire set to be cloud executed vs local.

I’m trying to keep things running independent of having an internet connection. I guess I can just set this device on its own routine so that in the event of an outage this one device will hopefully be the only one affected.

Is there some setting somewhere that can change the execution of this device from Cloud to Local I’m missing?

Looks like we posted at the same time :slightly_smiling_face: Moving the inovelli dimmer to its own routine would be a good temporary workaround. Eventually it will be migrated to an Edge Driver and all of them run local. At that point you could move it back to the other routine.

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I think the problem is your inovelli dimmer. It’s still using a Groovy Device Type Handler (DTH) that runs in the cloud. You could test this by removing it from the routine and seeing if it switches to local when you save.

Your reply came up right when I posted the same finding. I did remove the one light from the routine and it did switch to local control. I’ll create a new routine for that light on its own. Thanks for the help!

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You may already know this, but just to be sure…

Even with the new architecture, a lot of the SmartThings platform still requires an active Internet connection. For example, the SmartThings app always requires access to the SmartThings cloud, even if it’s connected to the same local WiFi as your hub. They didn’t have to design it that way, but they did. So without the Internet, you have no app control over any of your devices, even the ones that “run locally.”

Pre-created routines that run locally will continue to do so if the Internet is out—whether you want them to or not. :thinking:

And no, there’s no way to manually change from cloud to local. The platform chooses automatically based on the contents of the routine and the devices involved.

I’m not really worried about running things through the app if the connection is down, just want the things I have scheduled to fire on and off at the times I have set.

Years ago when Z-Wave and SmartThings came out, I was glad to have a centralized place that I could set up and run timers off for lights. Essentially this is all I really use SmartThings for, a glorified timer device to turn lights on and off and automatically adjust the times with Sunrise/Sunset daily. Prior to this I was running multiple timers throughout my house and in wall timers that the fancier ones that even had built in sunrise/sunset adjustments. Of course over time we’ve added Samsung appliances with connectivity (2 fridges, a range and Dishwasher) but really they are just monitored and send out alerts if a door is left open, etc. Preheating the oven seemed like it would be a great feature if you’re on the way home and want it ready to go when you get there until you realize that you can’t control the oven at all if you forgot to physically press the button on the oven prior to leaving the house…

Thank you for your time and response!

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I’m running the Edge driver for my Inovelli black dimmers. They work fine so far. I’ve not moved the red dimmers over to Edge yet but I would expect they’re good as well.

The fingerprint is only released to the Edge beta channel (it’s commented out in production). So unless you manually install that driver, it currently pairs with the Groovy DTH. But they’re releasing more and more fingerprints to Edge production channel each week, so hopefully it won’t be long before it just works with Edge without any manual steps.

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Ah I didn’t realize it was beta. I signed up from here SmartThings. Add a little smartness to your things. and the channel just says
so i assumed it was production. I also had joined the InovelliDev channel in the past, I thought those were the beta ones.

Regardless they work great!

Mariano has edge driver for gen 1 Inovelli dimmers. I am using it.

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I love the illustration! Now that the conversion to edge drivers is complete, non of my routines are running “local”. The don’t have the text on the bottom of the routines saying this will run local. I don’t have any crazy routines. Basic things like turn on these light at time-x. Any ideas.? ST ver 1.7.94 some run @tgauchat edge drivers.

What devices? Did you manually convert your devices to Edge drivers? Did you edit and re-save the routines after converting everything to Edge drivers?

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@Huskerswon @tgauchat has passed away 3 or 4 years ago, long before edge drivers were announced. He was co-founder of Action Tiles. You are not using his drivers for sure, unless…

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:pray: sorry to hear this news. I obesely click on the wrong tag person. I meant @taustin.I also use action tile and love the product.

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I removed some of my GE door hinge pin sensors (Jasco)(zwave) and added back. All lightbulbs are Sengled. Zigbee.
Removed all routines and rebuilt them after getting edge drives. It was a long day. Lol

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