Why isn’t the automation triggering?

I have an automation that triggers a virtual switch when everybody leaves (arm blink) and disarm when somebody returns.

However on 40% of occasions even though the system detects everybody leaving or somebody arriving it fails to trigger the automation.


Take a look at this screenshot. At 6:35 I leave and the system arms correctly.

At 6:38 I arrive back and although is acknowledges me arriving it fails to trigger the arrival automation.

If I do exactly the same thing a few moments later it will work.

Same for outbound. Everytine it correctly detects me leaving but only sometimes it triggers the automation to arm the system.

I have spent 2 days testing this. Driving away and driving back and I’m only getting success half the time.

Very disappointed.

Is this a ST routine with also has a notification from the ST contact book? Just curious as my routines were not executing the actions within the routine until I removed the notifications option and the contact book.

Are these routines? Are there other actions that are occurring, but this one virtual switch is failing to turn off? Or does the entire routine not run?

Not sure what a contact book is.

As an example. The notification says “paul leaves”. It should then run the automation called “arm blink” immediately.

Same thing for arrival but it should disarm.

Nothing happens. It does not execute the automation even though it acknowledges I have left or arrived.

If I leave and arrive 10 times it will always detect me leaving and arriving but will only trigger the automation half the time.

Two thoughts come to mind and are worth looking at, although no guarantee either of these are in fact your issue.

On the departure, there is a minimum time window for the missing presence to actually trigger a departure event. This is default 2 minutes and is to prevent false triggers in case a device just simply drops signal.

On the arrival, I find with my phone my presence is picked up right away. However my wife and my mother-in-law use presence sensors and I find these have a delay. In fact sometimes they are in the house before presence is detected. I suspect I do not have sufficient zigbee mesh at the front of my house and plan to add more repeaters in the near future.

I’ve removed the 2 min to 0.

The system is detecting me back but it’s not immediately triggering the routine.

What other things do you have in the routine?

The routine is if everybody leaves (2 iPhones) trigger.

If anybody arrives trigger.

In all instances it sees both leaving and arriving but only triggers sometimes. Likewise for arrival.

I have the same problem with my SmartThings.
Me and the misses have presence sensors on our key rings, she leaves for work the house arms as no one is home, then at the end of the day she arrives home house picks her up but SmartThings doesn’t change the house to arrived?
I’ve deleted sensors re added them, can’t get it to work properly, but mine seems to work fine and they are set up the same.

SmartThings support say there is a 3 minute false alarm threashold between auto arming and disarming. Is this correct? Where is the 3 minute setting or is it hard coded?

How did you do it?

in the automation - when everyone leaves

I thought you were talking about this

2 minutes is the minimum that ST can be set to.

Where’s that setting?

It’s in the IDE (stands for integrated developer environment, I think).

Go to https://account.smartthings.com in your web browser.

It’s in Hub / Utilities (presence timeout that is) :slight_smile:

I’ve been having issues with Routines and Automations not running for over a week now. I raised a ticket with support who eventually said it was down to “sunset and sunrise were missing from your Weather Station (part of the Routines system).” and they “pushed an update through on this for you, and it appears to be back to normal” and “this has fixed it for other users”. Except it hasn’t. Routines that change mode triggered by presence sensors are still now working :disappointed:

Depending on how often you use it, it could also stand to mean “Intensely Dysfunctional Editor”

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I would not recommend using routines to perform changes for your house.
I personally still use CoRe rule engine to trigger and check if states have changed in my house; including what we talked about on the Blink forum.

It looks something like this:

All Presence i.e., Android 1 or 2 or IPhone 1 or 2 Are Not Percent
House is in Any of following modes i.e., Home, Morning, Night.
Turn off All Lights.
Turn On Blink Device Switch.
Set Home to Away.
Push Notification “Your Home is Armed”; Restrict this action to when mode is in Away mode only.
Any Presence i.e., Android 1 or 2 or IPhone 1 or 2 Is Percent
House is in Away.
Turn OFF Blink Device Switch.
Set Home to Home.
Push Notification “Your Home is Disarmed”; Restrict this action to when mode is in Home mode only.