Why did Samsung abandon us?

@JDRoberts Ring supports Z-wave only, however together with Amazon Echo Plus, or one of Show displays that support Zigbee, together it has potential, especially that they are building nice dashboard. With huge device support they can become major player.
Ring devices are now available for Alexa Routines.

FWIW, I decided against Abode because there are plenty of reports of bad/non-existent support with that system. That is exactly what I went through since 2019 with the ADT/Smartthings system. I was afraid that was just a sign that Abode won’t be around for the long term either.

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They definitely went through a bad period in 2019 before they changed to a paid subscription model and added Homekit support. It seems to have improved since that time though. You still get an occasional report of bad service, but you do with every security system. Overall, their 2020 ratings did improve, so I think the new business model is working better for them.

Couldn’t you just port the groovy dth for noonlight to hubitat? I haven’t tried but it should take like 10 mins to fix it and have it compile since it doesn’t use any custom capabilities or buttons.

Noonlight relies on the Internet for communications. It’s not comparable to what people had with the ADT/smartthings dual logo system.

You don’t need to port it, there already is one:

Noonlight - 24/7 smart home monitoring enables Hubitat to call 9-1-1 (U.S. only) - Integrations - Hubitat

Requires an Internet Connection
The Hubitat hub must have an active internet connection for this to work!

But it’s not what most people are looking for when they say they want monitored security.

This isn’t insurmountable but does make a big cap in functionality. There are dual access routers that can do wifi and Cellular to accommodate this though. Then you would just need to ensure everything else is battery backed up.

Ah thanks, I did not catch that - just saw the same letters. Thanks again for the all the info.

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That’s the way. Use lte failover, and a UPS

yep. I know Netgear has a Orbi router that can do it.

Nearly all of Ubiquiti’s router lineup supports dual WAN connections with the ability to use QoS tagging to restrict traffic when failed over to LTE.

Also, for anyone else going down this rabbit hole. Someone, much like what our buddy Mavrrick58, created an app for integrating Abode with Hubitat to give an enriched automation option.


Well folks. I am done with systems / services that can be pulled at a manufacturers whim, combined with the frequent cloud service outages that left me without service at inappropriate times.

I have ordered my Hubitat Elevation, and will repurpose as many of the Iris V1 door and window contact sensors as I can get working again.

While my overall user experience with Smartthings was far and awy better than anything I experienced with Iris, the end result was the same, minus the buyout of the now, or at least very soon to be, useless equipment.

The good, Smartthings community is much broader, and support for integrations of a wide varity of hardware was spot on. The user interface while imperfect, was highly usable and a pleasant experience overall. In both the classic and new ST apps. And of course function with my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone was flawless since day 1, and yeah I know it’s time to upgrade my phone.

The bad. Aside from the obvious dropping of service and effectively bricking my investment in Smartthings before I was ready upgrade, the ADT Smartthings dual branded devices often threw themselves into a loss of supervision error, where prior Zwave or Zigbee devices never flinched a millimeter from constant use and gave ample battery warning. There are no built in temp sensors so my temp pickup at the windows is now severely lacking etc…

So given that, and the incredibly poor treatment I feel they are giving their ST customers I will be very unwilling to consider Samsung devices moving forward… I do not believe that they can be trusted.


Just tossing my thoughts in here. If you are tech savvy, and most of us have some snap to us, and have a router that will take DD-WRT, a quick flash of firmware, and some configuration on setting up a failover dual WAN setup can be done pretty easily, with your cable or DSL being the primary, and a 4G / 5G cellular modem as backup. The tricky part is getting a cellular failover modem that will be happy on your cellular network, and making your plan play nice.

Well, after a few weeks of evaluating all my options of what to do next for my home automation and security system I finally made a decision–I’m done with Smartthings.

I was planning on doing the multi-platform thing with separate apps using ST for home automation and find something else for home security but…it just didn’t set well with me considering I bought 2 new ST cameras earlier this year and additional ADT sensors last year. This is also after I bought 2 of those ST-branded Wyze cameras that were compatible with ST for about a month when I first bought the ADT ST hub. And I also replaced a Nest thermostat last year to get something compatible with ST. What a waste! I guess I didn’t realize how badly and repeatedly Samsung has burned me over the years… :roll_eyes:

Anyway, I just placed an order for a full Abode system. I went that route for the compatibility with the Zigbee and Z-wave switches I have throughout my home to reduce the transition pains. I also like the idea of a subscription fee to enable functionality. I get that they have to pay the bills somehow so hopefully this will improve support in the future.

That said, who wants to buy a new and sealed in the box Aeotec ST hub, 4 cameras, and anything else that isn’t compatible with my new Abode system?


Glad you found something that sounds like it will work for you. Let us know what you think after you get it set up. :sunglasses:

You can list FS (for sale) items in the deals section of the forum. :sunglasses:

Chming back in here as I have been doing further research as I don’t want all my internet traffic going over 4G in the case of a failover. From what I can tell, the Hubitat Elevation Hub will work with a USB On The Go splitter cable and accept a USB LTE modem configured for failover communications. I’m not sure exactly how to do that, yet, but I do have several USB OTG splitter cables that I can use, just need an AT&T compatible modem…