Why can't I change the OFF time for a switch I programmed a previously?

Why can’t I change the OFF time for a switch I programmed a previously?

Under, “Smart Lighting”, (I am not switching lighting), I have a Aeon Outlet, (Z-Wave) that I paired and programed with no fuss. However, when I try to make a simple edit, changing the Off time, (I change the time, and tap “Next”, the SmartThing app Responds, “Failed to save page: mainPage”, my edit does not occur.

I am connected to the hub. Everything functions as programed. I just can’t change any of my programming.

I am using the latest version of SmartThing app and IOS 9.2

You can try recreating the automation in smart lighting, if the new one works delete to old one. If you get the same message creating the new automation then contact support. Support@smartthings.com

I found the problem. It’s a (small) bug in the iPhone app.

When you go to the time setting, you must first press, “X” to delete the current time setting. (An unnecessary step in my view). Then, you can enter a new time, and press, “Next”.

As a retired programmer and UI Designer; the reason this is a bug is because of the fact that the software should not allow you to change the time until you have deleted the previous time, IF they are going to require the old time deletion first.