Who's in washington state

Just thought I would see who’s in wa state and where abouts. Might have neighbor here and not even know it
I’m in Silverdale wa

I’m up in bothell, @blebson is kicking around up here as well…


America’s Vancouver checking in.

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I’m not that far away in Birmingham… Alabama!

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I’m as far as I could be, SoFlo :slight_smile:

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Gotta be more around

There are, they just don’t live on the forums…

Everett, wa

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Have family in Auburn and Walla Walla but I live on the other side of the country.

I’m there in spirit… Whidbey Island

Olympia. Just switched over from a Vera Lite and really enjoying ST community.

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That’s getting closer to kitsap area

Kirkland myself.

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Spokane here


All the way in puyallup.

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North Bend checking in.

I’m in Maple Valley

Kennewick here.

I’m in Spokane

Was just there for Bloomsday.