"Alexa, find all Minnesota SmartThings users"

Any of my fellow Minnesotans in here?
I’m down in the Jordan, MN area (out past Shakopee a few miles), and just wondering about other SmartThings users in the area.

Do you have a smart home in the Twin Cities/Surrounding areas?

Edit: Tell us what you’re using SmartThings for, and the devices you have. :slight_smile:

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I live in St Louis Park and have been using ST for lighting and HVAC control a couple of years now. I use CoRE to support almost all of my needs. I also got an Amazon Echo a few months ago and am anxiously awaiting integration with Sonos.

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Our original headquarters and a huge chunk of our Engineering org is located in downtown Minneapolis!


@Tyler If they want to test anything in a real home environment, I have close to 80 devices and like new stuff. :wink:
I came to a meet and greet a year or so ago up there, just as I was getting started with ST and only had four or five devices.

I’m using SmartThings primarily for lighting control. I have not yet grasped the use of CoRE for our environment, though I’d like to move to it eventually.

From Maple Grove, have a fully automated smarthome. Partly using ST, vera, control4 and many other systems.

From shades, dimmers, sensors, av equipment, security, cameras, etc. Everything is interconnected.

Working on fully integrating Alexa into the whole home and multiple systems.

And of course, working on open-dash to unify all these HA platforms in a single open source dashboard solution.

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