BAY AREA SmartThings UX Feedback!

Hey everyone!

We have a brand new UX researcher and he is eager to get started testing! On that note, we need your help! We are having a user study in February that we would like to invite you to. This study will be an in-person study administered by our new UI/UX researcher Brent. He will be looking for feedback on some exciting new features and products that we will be talking more about soon. So if you want a sneak peek, now is your chance!

To get started, follow this link and fill out the survey:

As thanks for your participation (if selected to participate) we will be providing a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Also, remember this is bay area only, so if you are outside of Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, you won’t be considered for this test.

We can’t wait to work with you!

The SmartThings Team


San Francisco, Alameda, and Marin counties officially bid a warm “adieu” to the Bay Area. :smirk:

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Yeah, and San Francisco is taking their Bay with them. :wink:


So you must reside there or just be willing to be there in person?

Cause if I’m off I might fly up for that. Could be fun.
And I still want the Beer badge @slagle


If you can promise me you’ll be here, I’ll make sure you get an invite. We’re worried about no shows which happens all to often with this stuff.

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