Welcome Jody Albritton to the Community!

Hello Everyone!

I’m very excited to share with you great news: Jody Albritton joins the SmartThings family! @jody.albritton has been an active member of the community since August of 2014. He is our newest Developer Advocate, where he will be assisting with your development questions, working with social media, and most importantly, advocating for developers!!

@jody.albritton will be moving from Texas to specifically join our team here at Palo Alto, and we are so excited to have him on our team!

Most of you probably already know him, and may have also interacted with him on a personal level, but for those who haven’t, he is one of the coolest guys I know! Jody is a big tinkerer/hobbyist and has an extensive background in technology.

Welcome to the team Jody!!


Welcome @jody.albritton!


Congratulations!! Jody…@jody.albritton wish you the best in your new role!!!

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I just noticed his icon change in another topic and wondered how I missed an announcement about it. Contrats @jody.albritton

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Awesome! Congrats @jody.albritton

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Congrats! Very cool seeing great community members join the ST team!

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Congrats, @jody.albritton!

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Well deserved, but prepare for real estate price shock moving from Texas to the Bay area. :scream:


Congrats @jody.albritton!

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Congrats @jody.albritton . It is well deserved

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Congrats @jody.albritton!

Although I am new to ST, I have read enough threads to know a helpful his posts are.

Best of luck!

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Congrats @jody.albritton !!! :smile: Welcome to California

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Texas to California? That’s unusual at the moment :stuck_out_tongue:

Congrats again @jody.albritton ! Where abouts in Texas are/were you and have you left yet? Can I interest you in a leaving beverage of your choosing? :smile:

Rural north-east Texas. I will be leaving Saturday morning, but thanks for the offer Benji.

Darn it, a little ways from me. Well regardless, safe travels over to your new adventure! And if you ever happen to be back in Texas and specifically in the San Antonio area, let me know!

Welcome addition

Awesome choice, ST! Congrats, Jody!

Congrats Jody!..

@jody.albritton Congrats! Happy for you and us as well. Finally they are picking the right people. :slight_smile:


Hi Jody…

I’m brand new here (first post :confetti_ball:) … been working in opensource for Chef and figured I’d start automating all my other things (and pick up where my ancient x10 left off)…

Wondering, any chance ST has got stickers or even tshirts you can share? I’d love to wear one to our events and make my coworkers who are also ST developers jealous…