Who's broken, Rule Machine or SmartThings?

So I have a simple rule with one condition.
If door sensor open > Lights On, turn off after 30 minutes
Condition > If Light is already On, do nothing.

But they are Wemo switches and SmartThings isn’t recognizing the switch as on or off. It is always False or True (depending how you have it setup). I’ve tested this Rule with a z-wave switch (just to see if it was Wemo) but it just doesn’t work with a Wemo switch. Right now the Back Flood Light is On but it says False… And when the switch is Off, it still says False.


So, you’re saying that it works with z-wave but not Wemo? That would point the finger at ST’s Wemo integration, known to have problems.


I recently learned that their humidifier has a crockpot soap endpoint.

Maybe your crockpot is on?

For real though, it’s probably the Wemo stuff. They can change IPs and not let us know about it. So, set some static IPs for your memo stuff and you’ll be good to go. :slight_smile: