"Whole House Fan" Modification (No Thermostat)?

(Bobby Thompson) #1

I’m still quite new to SmartThings, so I’m not certain on how everything works…

I noticed a SmartApp called “Whole House Fan” which I very much liked the idea of. I had a Netatmo weather station sitting in my Amazon cart for the past year or so (long before I even knew what SmartThings was) so I went ahead & bought it so I could place one sensor outside & one inside.

I started setting up the SmartApp with the hopes it could allow my window fan to turn on when the temperature outside was cooler than inside, and turn off when the temperature inside was cooler than outside…

Problem is I came to realize the SmartApp as written requires a Thermostat which I do not have…

The house I’m in has no AC, and includes 3 very lo-tech heating systems which consists of a hi/lo/off type dial per room that power heating elements in the ceiling. Because of where I live, I literally never use the heater element (I even leave it switched off in the circuit breaker).

I’d still like to be able to set the fan so it turns on in the specific combination of warmer inside than out. Is there any way I can set this up without having to try and create my own app from scratch???

(sidjohn1) #2

I’m actually working on a smartapp that does exactly that… it’s pretty much done… just doing some serious testing cause i’ll be using to to open/close a window


I was in the same boat. See if this works for you:

(Jason A ) #4

So many thanks for this!! I had the same idea of using Smartthings to monitor the temp difference between my Nest and outdoor Netatmo and turn on a whole house fan … but only if a window is open. So this made my day when I found it. Thank you so much!!