Whole House Fan: Off When Warm Outside

Hello everyone,

Is there any app or a way to turn off a switch (whole house fan) when the outside temperature reaches a certain temperature?

Like: When outside temp (Accuweather) reaches 73, turn a switch Off.

Seems simple enough but Routines do not include thermostat/temp in the “do this automatically when” section.

Thanks in advance,

Check out webCoRE…

Take a look at this

These seem to be able to do the trick except I don’t understand these apps. What does minimum temp actually mean? How do I know when the fan will turn off? How do I set “OFF” (you’d be surprised that feature is missing in the handful of smartapps I’ve tried so far)?

Webcore… Yea, well I guess every basic feature we need like timers, fade/ramp rates, etc all have to be developed and programmed. How about a simple app that just works. It’s a sure bet that SmartThings doesn’t have the market it deserves simply because it’s not easy to use. It’s my biggest gripe so far with SmartThings. Even X10 had timers, ramp rates, and condition statements right out of the box(s). When will SmartThings get through the 1980’s?

Gripe over…


I don’t actually use this app but my guess is that once the inside temperature reaches the minimum temperature, the fan would shut off. The screenshots do not show everything.