Turn on AC whole house fan when outside temperature is lower than inside

All, I’m wondering if anyone has wrote a smart app that can turn on the whole house AC fan without actually turning on the cooling feature when the outside temperature is lower than the inside temperature?

I have a vacation house and while I don’t want to run the AC all the time when I’m gone it would be nice if the whole house fan started circulating air when it got colder outside due to the fact that the house is in a hot climate.

Hey @jeremywhittaker - This is exactly what you need! New version of code (scroll to post #33) has only been out for a few days but so far it works flawlessly for me. Thermostat Fan Recirculate (make sure its the code for this version Link to the Github: https://goo.gl/V2cTLf)

Allows you to circulate fan (You select frequency and min it runs) with variables:

  • Mode (i.e. home, away, night. I only use at night)
  • Temperature (you select what to use as temp sensor, based on fact you want based on outdoor temp you wouldn’t want to use thermostat for temperature reading, instead you will need another device reading temperature outside (if you have mutil motion sensor outside) or setup the virtual SmartWeather device which is what I use Smart Weather station tile app)

Ok I have the two apps installed but I cannot figure out how to make them work together now???