[OBSOLETE] More Automated Whole House Fan

So I was enjoying the whole house fan code… But I had a few issues with it:

  1. When the windows are opened I wanted it to turn off the AC
  2. Also when the windows are open I wanted it to turn on ceiling fans in the house.
  3. I didn’t want the whole house fan (or window fan) to run when just one window was open - I wanted at least two or three before the window fan was on but I still wanted 1 & 2 to happen with just one window open.
  4. when all windows are closed again I wanted everything to go back to what it was at before.

With these things in mind I started to modify the whole house fan code - However it turned into mostly new code :slight_smile:

I am currently testing it and trying to find bugs with it. I am using it with a Nest thermostat and also have added in support for the GE 3-Speed Fan switch to do High Med Low fan speeds.

If you find any issues with it please let me know so I can take a look at them


Hi, Is this smartapp still supported?